5 benefits of Node js for digital enterprise

When it comes to the choices of engineers for frontend technology if they have to pick one, React is a leader, then come Angular 2 and Vue.js. If to speak about databases MongoDB remains the most popular among Node.js developers. Innovative companies are now adopting a similar model for in-house software development. This new model is called InnerSource, and it enables organisations to bring the lessons learned from the open source community in-house, fostering code reuse. Developers all over the world download billions of modules per month from npm. This explosion of open source software propelled the overall JavaScript community and also changed how developers build software.

  • For instance, a Node.js developer can create a cross-platform desktop application for Windows, Linux, and Mac.
  • Node.js is blessed to have a large and active community of developers who keep on continuously contributing towards its further development and improvement.
  • Another option is to use the default npm, which is generally recommended for production version management.
  • One of the most prominent Node.js advantages is that it can be used on both the front end and the back end side of the application.
  • The philosophy behind Node.js is to let the application do its work and perform operations even when the previous operation hasn’t been completed because of input/output bottlenecks.

Apart from the overall numerous benefits of Node Js in the software world, it is found to be specifically good for startups. Big companies like Netflix, Uber, and Linkedin are already using Node Js. It is easy to learn and use and as startups usually don’t have enough resources and budget to be spent on expensive development teams, this ability of NOde Js saves them costs.

Getting Support for Commonly Used Tools

Node.js is ideal for new projects as well as modernising existing applications. The extensive usage of Semantic Versioning enables developers to automatically update their dependencies. This important aspect of open source software resolves one of the hardest problems in previous technologies such as Java or .NET. Microservices enable separate teams to develop, maintain and deploy each part of an application independently. The interaction points between the parts are clearly defined through APIs over a network. Microservices are often I/O bound, as data is exchanged between the various parts of the application.

  • It allows multiple nodes to run simultaneously and interact with each other which is superior to other web backend development solutions.
  • Unlike dynamic content, which can vary from user to user and depend on online interactions, static content is always the same.

Imagine that you employ 2 separate teams to develop and test quality projects, which operate individually and whose responsibility consists of only a few specific areas. Even when it might seem perfect, there’s an enormous communication gap between these teams that can create dozens of loopholes in your product. It is widely used by JavaScript programmers to write fast and scalable server-side scripts. Apart from that, it can generate dynamic page content, open, read, write, delete, and close files on the server, and modify your database.

Node.js is a time-saver

Ruby itself is an intuitive and beginner-friendly language with a supportive and dedicated community that contributes code to RubyGems. Rails was created for rapid development and prototyping, though it’s successfully used by such brands as GitHub, Twitter, and Airbnb, proving its wide range of use cases. For developers new to Node.js, there can be a steep learning curve in mastering its unique architecture and event-driven programming model.

Node.js also has a vast community of developers, which means many resources are available for learning and support. Development of separate microservices can run simultaneously, smoothing modular addition of functionality to apps. Node.js is the fastest cross-platform scripting language and event-driven model which provides excellent app performance; it is not a myth.

#1 Unstable API

It’s an excellent environment for growth, learning, and innovation. PayPal reported that after the company migrated its services from Java to Node.js, the response time decreased by 35%. Now the program processes more user requests and does it faster. The choice depends on the speed of development, cost, and most importantly, performance. The only question is the speed of development and reliability of this solution.

advantage of node js

Every Node LTS release is supported for three years with updates and security fixes. This provides plenty of time What is a Cloffice? How I Turned My Closet into an Office Space for companies to upgrade on their own terms. The community provides this support, and it is not a paid service.

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