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This, along with your favorite indicators, and finding patterns and trends in different timeframes, will probably enable you to determine the best entry and exit positions on a trade. This trading style takes many technical analysis tools into account, including but not limited to charts, support/resistance, trend lines, price ranges, swing highs and swing lows. Which tools to use depends on each trader’s preference, but a price action trader generally keeps the chart simple. The trader would believe the most important source of analysis data comes from the price and the candlesticks, and everything else is built upon these two elements. For example, if the market is creating higher highs and higher lows, it tells the price action trader that an uptrend is in place. The trader then assesses, based on the aggressiveness of the buyers, whether the trend is likely to continue before identifying a trade setup and trigger.


And if you have already heard of it or learned of it before… This is something called the four stages of the market. A frame of reference that you can compare against and then form an educated trading decision. This is absolutely one of the most important secrets you have to know about.

Price Action Trading System

Proponents of Random Walk Theory also believe that there is no way of predicting what prices in the financial markets will do in the future because they are fundamentally chaotic by nature. Random Walk theorists usually invest in deeply diversified portfolios to protect themselves from the ‘random’ nature of price movements in the market. Many traders think that price action trading is about support and resistance, chart patterns, candlestick patterns, etc.

The market was in an uptrend, after which the price-correction created a bullish wedge pattern. Interestingly, the price broke out of the wedge pattern exactly at the 61.8% Fibonacci retracement, which means that the price reached 61.8% of the initial impulse wave’s height. Once the breakout is confirmed, a price-action trader could enter into a long position. Has a lot to do with this point – a trader wants to buy in an uptrend when the price-correction reaches a low, and sell when the price reaches a high. Similarly, traders want to sell in a downtrend when the price-correction tops and buy (i.e. close their sell position) when the price bottoms .

It is better to close your position with a small loss than to lose a large amount of capital on a trade gone wrong. The crash phase is when prices decrease extremely fast. Positions can close at the end of a spike, resulting in heavy losses quickly. Discover the range of markets and learn how they work – with IG Academy’s online course.

Some Price action trading Strategies

He is very transparent that trading is risky and gives you rules to help mitigate that risk and come out on top . You’ll explore the ins and outs of the « FIRE movement », a collection of ideas and habits that allow people to manage their money so they can quit working while they’re young. You’ll consider the shockingly simple math behind financial freedom. America’s elite have been using cash value life insurance to stockpile wealth for centuries.

Here are a few examples of how to into price-action trades in order to get the highest success rate. Inside this book, I am uncovering exactly what I have been implementing in the past years to make my trading a consistently profitable venture. If a strong downtrend forms, the candle at the beginning of the trend becomes the resistance. After marking your support/resistance point, wait for the price to break past this zone. I Had a poor experience investing my money; it wasn’t simple for me because I was scammed numerous times.

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So you monitored a support level but it didn’t hold so you couldn’t use the support and resistance Forex trading strategy. You have more than one price action structure trading method and this one will help you trade the break of support. It doesn’t really matter which component you find first, the price action signal or the level. What matters is if the two have come together to form a confluent price action trade. If you want to trade in boom and crash, you need to understand support and resistance levels. Understanding them helps you identify at which point a price will stop and most likely change direction.

Well, I want you to focus on the price, otherwise known as price action trading. You’re all about those pretty charts and graphs, and you think you can predict the market’s next move based solely on price action. But again, chart patterns are not always “cookie-cutter” clean. Oftentimes, they’re messy, and it’s not always easy to spot them. Even when you do spot a pattern, there’s no guarantee that it will play out as expected.


His years of experience in trading and teaching make it possible to convey complex ideas in simple language and avoid potential mistakes. Investopedia requires writers to use primary sources to support their work. These include white papers, government data, original reporting, and interviews with industry experts. We also reference original research from other reputable publishers where appropriate. You can learn more about the standards we follow in producing accurate, unbiased content in oureditorial policy. Is the average of a spike in price ranges occurring every 1000 – 500 ticks.


When shorting an asset, you could place it above the recent swing high. In both events, this controls the risk of the price sinking too low, or rising too high. For Renko charts, you could exit when the bricks reverse direction and change colour. Let’s look at a supply and demand example, coupled with trading with the trend. The USD/CAD chart below shows an overall downtrend on this 4-hour chart.

Here, I usually go long from the previous day’s low and go short from the previous day’s high. This is not a stand-alone strategy, and you need more input to tell whether these are legit breakouts. The rejection area is very important since the prices are likely to be defended if it goes back there again.

It occurs when the price of an asset bounces up and down within a range, ping-ponging back and forth. Also, note that this can happen in both uptrending and downtrending markets. Of course, like any trading strategy, the Ross Hook isn’t a guaranteed win.


I hope you said a secrets of price action trading, which is another word for a downtrend. If the market retests this trendline, I know it has the confluence of this area of support as well. The first thing that I want to say is that when you’re tradingprice actionyou need a framework. That just seems to be the buzzwords that marketeres like to use to sell their trading systems. Forex Trading Or Blue-Chip Stocks, Or Does It Really Matter?

Buy the book, not the audiobook.

Is the minimum increment that prices can change on the market and denotes the smallest possible price movement to the right of the decimal. The tick size is the price change between the consecutive bid and sell prices of the asset being traded. Read on to learn more about copy trading and how it could benefit you. The Fibonacci retracement is drawn on a chart from a low to a high , or a high to low . In a strong trend, pullbacks are typically shallow, often only reaching the 38.2% level.

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Top 4 Things Successful Forex Traders Do.

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In other words, you shouldn’t employ too many systems or indicators at the same time. But, success in financial trading goes hand-in-hand with good organizational skills. Please note the information contained within this document is for educational and entertainment purposes only.

It does not make any difference to your overall trading although time frames such as the 4H or daily will look different on different brokers. However, if there are more sellers than buyers, prices will fall until a balance is restored and more buyers enter the market. During an upward trend, long rising trend waves that are not interrupted by correction waves show that buyers have the majority. On the other hand, smaller trend waves or slowing trend waves show that a trend is not strong or is losing its strength. The figure below shows that the trending phases are clearly described by long price waves into the underlying trend direction. If an upward trend is repeatedly forced to reverse at the same resistance, this means that the ratio between the buyers and the sellers suddenly tips over.

It is referred to as a clean or naked chart because there are no indicators to cloud the view of the price action trader. Price action traders focus on historical and current patterns to make money off where the price may head next. There have been many profitable price action traders, but it takes time to learn price action strategies, and spot trends, patterns, and reversals. This detailed price information can tell a price action trader a lot about the collective action of market participants.

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GE alleges Siemens Energy used stolen trade secrets to rig contract ….

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Thank you Rayner T for simplifying price action trading strategies. I have been following your post for some times now, its really an eye opener. Please, can you make a video about trailing stop on mt5. It’s about identifying the current market condition so you can adopt the right price actions trading strategy at the right time.

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